We are focused on Market Analysis, Trading Expertise,
Sophisticated Modeling and Cutting-Edge Technology

The Mifte Group trading operations are focused on seeking investment opportunities in the global financial markets.
We combine the latest technology and robust risk management with a talented group of professional traders to employ a disciplined and adaptable approach to trading across a diverse range of asset classes.

We execute various trading strategies across numerous global exchanges. We are active in trading Equities, ETFs, Options, Futures, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange. We use our own capital and do not answer to third party investors or clients. Through our passion for trading, we are committed to continually exploring new markets and generating new strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We pursue a comprehensive integrated approach to risk management that complements and enhances our investment framework. Our risk management processes are built on the principles of constant vigilance, frequent dialog and continuous improvement.

Our technology serves the needs that span from sophisticated algorithms to discretionary trading and gives us the ability to implement a vast array of complex strategies and provides us with the edge required to thrive in today’s dynamic trading environment.