Succession planning

The future is fluid – your short-term plans may not equate to what happens tomorrow.

It is well known that inherited wealth can sometimes have a detrimental impact on the lives of individuals and families, if the succession is not managed appropriately​. That’s why helping you pass on an enduring financial and family legacy to future generations is probably the most defining feature of our approach to inter-generational wealth management.​

We’re experienced in helping families with their succession and estate planning on both a global and local level. It requires an understanding of the family dynamics, business management and tax and accounting knowledge. Careful consideration of assets, their location and relevant jurisdiction knowledge and experience in working with other parties such as lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, all need to be taken into account.

Primarily, it’s important that you and your family know and trust the teams you’re working with. Our personal and holistic approach allows us to perfectly understand your needs and requirements. We can assist not only with the structuring and implementation, but also with support and educational requirements that will allow your family and beneficiaries to understand and make the most of your wealth.

Working with you and your family, we can review your existing arrangements and requirements, create new structures, implement them and conduct day-to-day administration. We can help you structure your philanthropic and charitable requirements, support and provide education for your next generation, provide family business and post structure support.

With global assets spread all over the world, and with interests varying between family members, you need a partner who can navigate the complexity and operate in jurisdictions where your family needs support. Securing the succession of family wealth or your business will give you peace of mind, maintain your legacy and unleash your family’s potential for the future.
On occasions, this transfer can involve significant changes in investment strategy, with the transition managed over a period of several years. During this time we frequently act as a facilitator between the generations.​

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